Diversity, Equity & Inclusion

Diversity, Equity & Inclusion is at the forefront of CLA’s ethos. It is within our DNA.

Equality is important to us, so encouraging a diverse workforce is always our number one priority. CLA Recruitment are committed to helping our clients establish a diverse culture which supports and learns from one another, resulting in a workforce who collaborate and share industry and cultural knowledge, ultimately resulting in a top performing diverse workforce that is most suited to your business needs. 


It is a personal promise from our founder to create a fresh personable recruitment brand across technical disciplines within the UK with a core focus on diversity and inclusion. Diversity and Inclusion should not just be a tick box for companies it should be looked at more deeply than that and this is where CLA Recruitment can provide expertise and support. 


“The challenges of 2020 have left me feeling determined to advocate for change in society and within the workplace. The death of George Floyd back in May 2020 catapulted many including myself to look at and understand my white privilege, plus the sub conscious bias/impact that white privilege may have on many BAME individuals. I was appalled by the death of George Floyd – had society been subconsciously ignorant until this tragic death occurred?

Real, meaningful change needs to happen.

CLA Recruitment will create a platform which advocates for meaningful Diversity, Equity and Inclusion across the workplace. As a recruitment firm we need to actively engage marginalised underrepresented groups and make sure that we are giving them equity.

As a member of the LGBTQIA+ Community I can relate to the challenges many before me have gone through, whether that be within the workplace or when advocating for change. I stand with these individuals wholeheartedly.  However this movement is far from over and I hope that the work that can still be done now in the 21st century, championing Diversity, Equity and Inclusion can somewhat make a difference towards the lives of many underrepresented minorities within the work place, whether that be on grounds of sex, pregnancy or maternity, gender identity status including non-binary, gender expression, sexual orientation, religion or belief, marital status, civil partnership status, age, race, colour, nationality, national or ethnic origins, disability, or on any other grounds.

I am passionate about Diversity, Equity & Inclusion and by drawing upon my personal experiences I hope that I can somewhat champion and contribute towards change, and a better workforce. I am thrilled to be working on some exciting upcoming projects with fantastic charities and organisations who advocate for meaningful change“

 Patrick Alex Liversedge
 Founder & Director, CLA Recruitment

See our Equal Opportunities Policy here.